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Looked back at your 2011 stuff and you have come a long way. Great stuff and keep making more.

DarkStar7421 responds:

Thank you so much! :P

Are you a fan of Tim Minchin by any chance?

A great short flash

Love the idea... not wishing to spoil it for anyone but when it happened it did make me laugh. Would love to see this made into a longer flash with the little robot guy trying different was to retrieve it. All in all a well thought out little short.

Matija27 responds:

Who knows, maybe I will make a longer version.
Thanks for the suggestion and the review :)

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Amazing game!

This has to be one of the best examples of the 'idle game' genre that there is!

The game play itself is simplistic but engaging enough to have you returning time and time again. Unlike others it is not frustrating waiting for level ups or gathering resources as there are micro elements to complete while playing.

A great tutorial system and rewards give this game great longevity and even after losing my first lot of game data I was more than happy to play from the start and undo some mistakes made the first time round.

Just unplayable...

Here is a tip I know it is tempting to just put anything up just so you have something in the portal but think how you will feel about this when you get better at making games.

Take some time out and make more and more and more... play a few get the feel for things grab some tutorials and tweek them and play about to see what makes things tick. You don't have to post something that will blow the world away but making something that will catch peoples eye and kill a little time playing is a better first step.

keep going keep trying but if I was you I'd take this down.

A so, so game

Graphics are nothing to write home about but the pretty pictures donâEUTMt make a for a good game. It could really use a speed up button as at times it drags a little. I find the strengths of enemies and dungeon creatures a little off balance as IâEUTMm sure I had a pitchfork guy take out 3 level 4 spiders and a level 2 rat.

Ok to mess about with but nothing to make me come back and try for all the medals or to play until the end. IâEUTMd say give it a go but as a sort of TD game it just falls under the bar to make it a great one. There are other TD games I can spen hours on but this one Hmmm.

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Cooking and humming this now. Great work and the first thing on Newgrounds Audio that I have fav's in about eight years.

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So cool, love the mood of this eve no if the boo looks lonely.

All my five belong to this!

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