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Amazing game!

This has to be one of the best examples of the 'idle game' genre that there is!

The game play itself is simplistic but engaging enough to have you returning time and time again. Unlike others it is not frustrating waiting for level ups or gathering resources as there are micro elements to complete while playing.

A great tutorial system and rewards give this game great longevity and even after losing my first lot of game data I was more than happy to play from the start and undo some mistakes made the first time round.

Just unplayable...

Here is a tip I know it is tempting to just put anything up just so you have something in the portal but think how you will feel about this when you get better at making games.

Take some time out and make more and more and more... play a few get the feel for things grab some tutorials and tweek them and play about to see what makes things tick. You don't have to post something that will blow the world away but making something that will catch peoples eye and kill a little time playing is a better first step.

keep going keep trying but if I was you I'd take this down.

A so, so game

Graphics are nothing to write home about but the pretty pictures donâEUTMt make a for a good game. It could really use a speed up button as at times it drags a little. I find the strengths of enemies and dungeon creatures a little off balance as IâEUTMm sure I had a pitchfork guy take out 3 level 4 spiders and a level 2 rat.

Ok to mess about with but nothing to make me come back and try for all the medals or to play until the end. IâEUTMd say give it a go but as a sort of TD game it just falls under the bar to make it a great one. There are other TD games I can spen hours on but this one Hmmm.

A great game and love the way it moves from level to level as gives it a good flow. It looks a little rough in places like some of the art was a little rushed and some of the levels can get really frustrating but all in all a well made game. I'd like to see a bit more of a story line in it with some cutscenes here and there and although the difficulty build well to the end of each stage I'd have liked to see a boss or two, like the spider level. Ropes were good but a little annoying that you couldn't move up and down while swinging. Wil be looking out for what Crazy Apple 4 will have to offer.

Tupo26 responds:

Have you tried to climb a rope while swinging? IMPOSSIBRU! jk.
I'm not the best storyteller so expect my games to have a little story.
I'll start to make Crazy Apple 4 when I get fresh set of ideas.


A very poor ad for a very poor game... Demos... Ad's... Teasers all get 0/0 at least give a taster of the full game like youda do. Not a poorly coded thing that is so much just an ad that a link button blocks part of the scoring.

Like most other FB games this will never be worth the amount of effort it takes to gain a tiny bit more XP to get to the next massive let down animal to stuff into a park so you can then bore people whitless about it to fill in for the fact that FB users have very little else to tell people about.

A little short...

It is all there as a shooter apart from more levels and som upgrades.

Not a good idea to talk your own game down before people play it and havent had the time to checkout back story on dA but I'm sure if you post this there it will get a better review than here as NG is more about the game than the art.

As for the art: The dragons are good but the wing flap could use some frames. Background on lose and win screen need a lot of work. In all elements as still bits of drawing are good but animated look a little forced.

You know what I hate...

Really short demos of games... 0/5 0/10

I want to play more...

but level six is just too hard so have lost interest.

Art is great, in game and the menus. The game as a whole has some nice touches like the unlockable info about elements in it (just how does that electric come out of her mouth :D ) Really want to play more but with wave after wave after wave blocking the targets and an ammo count it just frustrating.

VictorGrunn responds:

Level six edited - that's the biggest complaint I'm seeing with the game so far, and it's on target. You should have seen what that level was like on the first iteration! It blocked out the sun.

Thanks much for the feedback and the compliments. Writing up the journal entries was fun (I originally had an ongoing story with each of the test unlocks, but removed them since I figured no one wants to feel like they have to read a paragraph each level), and I love what my art guy did with the ships and officer shots.

Click..... click...... CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK!!!!!!

Even maxed out the reload time on this sucks.

Run of the mill

As turn turn-based games go it is not the worst but it relying very much on its graphics so far. You get to change the look of your "OONi" but this does NOTHING to the stats of your player. The game-play very quickly becomes repetitive with little way to vary it apart from a choice of three upgrades that must be unlocked with coins. It is incredibly easy to unlock all three and after this point the coins only go to activating each power up. The music doesn't fit with the type of cartoony artwork, more applicable to a street fight type game. I can see how this will do its job to promote the website and is INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS this is an attempt at a smart phone game but as it is now it is little more than pointless.

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