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Looked back at your 2011 stuff and you have come a long way. Great stuff and keep making more.

DarkStar7421 responds:

Thank you so much! :P

Are you a fan of Tim Minchin by any chance?

A great short flash

Love the idea... not wishing to spoil it for anyone but when it happened it did make me laugh. Would love to see this made into a longer flash with the little robot guy trying different was to retrieve it. All in all a well thought out little short.

Matija27 responds:

Who knows, maybe I will make a longer version.
Thanks for the suggestion and the review :)

All there but...

Story... yep

Sound... yep and syncs up well

Art... yep if a little crude

It looks like you have the idea and know not just what sort of story you want to tell but how each scene should look. You have taken the time to put in things like wind moving the clothes and grasses, you even took the time to put in a few comic elements. Although ropey you have sort of set out some of the traits of the characters, the relaxed and nonchalant one in the tree putting out the fire. The rigorous training sort throwing Kunai into the target.

The thing that lets this down more than anything is the art... Draw draw and draw again. A lot of it looks like you thought "F*%K it that will do" as in the cloud passing behind the tree and the cut and paste grass. I know you would have spent more time on the people and that the other stuff comes second but it is the small touches that make something stand out. Oddly the Kunai look very well drawn I'm guessing this is because you used a reference image and used primitives to build them up rather than free hand drawing. I would say for now that primitives is the way to go for you and take every moment you have to draw free hand outside of Flash until you have honed it as a skill.

Keep going, don't bother about score just yet and most of all have fun :D

Ziggyness responds:

This is the perfect example of a review, thank you for noticing... eerily everything about the flash, lol. I'd say you have a good eye! You're right, the art is definitely what I plan on working on. In fact, I'm in the process of learning perspective drawing and detailing. I used the line tool to draw half the knife, then copy-pasted it and flipped it to make it symmetrical. You're right about the "F*&k it, this will do." after the second week I was ready to finish and animated the last scene with stick figures. Haha. Again, thank you for the kind and helpful review!

Nice work...

Love the little head and shoulder bob you have worked into it as a lot of people focus just on leg movement.

Great walk cycle... as a somthing to submit to the portal it is a bit unfinished. Could use a moving background and some action. I know the point of this is not as a full flash animation, more to show how you work grows. I'd just not post all stages without making part of something more entertaining, people can be a little harsh about stuff like this.

Will be checking back to see if you flesh it out a little :D

MikeE462 responds:

Thank You! I'll work on this a little more to try to make it more interesting. I Just borrowed a buddies tablet, so I'll play around with it and see what I come up with :)


Looks like you put a damn lot of work into it. I'm not sure what it is all about but well on the back of the time and effort I think a fair rating.

Hope to see more and how you get better over time...

Sanbles responds:

Thanka! Appreciated your comment.

Great :3

Nice and smooth but from time to time it looks like nose is missing as pink on pink...

As for kitty tail..well they say so much with them but most movement is sign wave more than side to side, as to how to make that work in flash... i'd have to do it frame by frame.

Cool Little Story

Nice concept :) sort of reminds me of what happened on Rapa Nui with the building of the Moai...


But what is the little click thing on the shower steps for? a few others about as well but don't look to do a lot.

Rovertarthead responds:

Yeah i just did that for fun to see if anyone whould notice the buttons that you could click on. Ther Links to my friends websites but the darn buttons arnt working right i need to fix them...

I must be going soft...

I gave this a 5 just for the effort that went into it :) It may not be front page or any such thing but from the time and thought that went into it I'd say it is better than 90% of the other flash to make it through the portal.

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