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So cool, love the mood of this eve no if the boo looks lonely.

All my five belong to this!


I know this is simple and may not have been the most fun thing to make but I think this is your best bit of work on here. Hope don't mind me saying that but looks like a lot of thought went into the modeling and render.

If I had to pick something about (and would just be picking) Although it is getting near to photorealistic it looks somehow like a chair for a dolls house. I know this could be as there isn't anything to give scale but just looks a little 'small' if you know what I mean.

Well great work and hope to see more like this from you :D

eagle3000 responds:

Yes. Thank you, it probably needs more details.

Bang bang bang...

Nicely done :D Would have been nice to see a little more texture but to place all by hand O.O must have took an age to make sure none intersecting.


What was the build/render time on this?

Sunshaft responds:

modeling, and painting textures in photoshop took about 3 days. render time was about 7 minutes.

Great work :)

How did you know what my office looks like! (hides secret plans)

In all seriousness a great render IâEUTMve not used Maya much (other than for organics) but this looks like it came out really well. I take it all the textures are hand drawn, sort of gives it a cardboard construction look that works well. The only thing I can see for me that looks a little odd is the rivets/bolts on the wall panels, they look like they go into the wall. IâEUTMm sure this is what you were going for just for some reason looks a little odd.

Great but a little too clean

Nice looking corridor. Reminds me of the ones in the flash game "Being One" I think it would looks really great if it was dirtied up a bit rust here and there smudges and such. Ilike the lighting in the floor but would have like to see some atmospheric lights on the walls a few more of the standered air tubes you see in this sort of setting and it would be spot on :) great work.

As a basic as in for use in a game it is great :)

Kinsei responds:

thanks, I was hoping to actually redo the texture later and add some blood smear or something. Kind of give it a "Dead Space" feel.


By far not your best :(

PixelCake responds:

Shittiest. Review. Ever.

Fail becomes a win :D

Cute image and would be great to animate... I did count the arms, none missing :D

Merlemage responds:

haha awesome, someone else who doesn't mess around when it comes to detail! <3
and thanks for the vote of confidence ^^

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